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When to size up diapers for your baby

When to size up diapers for your baby

When to size up diapers for your baby

Knowing when to size up diapers for your baby can go a long way in preventing leaks, keeping them comfy and making change-time easier.

In this article, we cover:

  • Signs that indicate your baby is ready to size up in diapers
  • How to choose the right diaper size
  • An introduction to baby training pants
  • How to transition from baby diapers to training pants
  • How to make change-time easier with Rascal + Friends and CoComelon training pants

Signs that your baby is ready to size up diapers:

Here’s a few signs that your baby is ready to size up their diapers:

1. Your baby’s diaper has started to leak

Growing out of their current diaper size is one of the most common reasons why your baby’s diaper may start to leak. When parents experience diaper leaks for the first time, our first recommendation is to try the next size up. The weight range of our diaper and training pant sizes overlap, meaning your baby may be ready for the next size up, even if they’re still within their current size range.

Learn more tips on how to prevent your baby’s diaper from leaking.

2. Your baby is leaking through the night

Comfy and contained throughout the day, but leaking through the night? This is another sign that your baby is ready to size up their diapers. Rascal + Friends premium diapers are made with unique 3D Core Technology for up to 12 hours of leak protection, and can absorb 15x their weight in liquid.* Say goodbye to leaking diapers, soiled onesies and washing your baby’s sheets every morning (you’re welcome!).

*Based on diaper weight and total absorbing capacity.

3. Your baby has red marks on their legs

Little humans come in all shapes and sizes, so sometimes your baby may be in the recommended size but their diaper is fitting too snug. If you start to notice any red marks or discomfort, try sizing up to give your little one a little extra room in their diaper.

4. The waistband is getting too snug

If the waistband of the diaper and strong grip tabs are no longer wrapping around your baby’s waist, it’s time to try the next size up. Remember, our strong grip tabs are designed to sit comfortably on your baby’s hips. You can read more about finding the perfect Rascal + Friends fit in this article: How to prevent your baby’s diaper leaking.

Alternatively, you could try our premium training pants. Read more on this below.

5. Your baby is pulling off their diaper

The discovery of your baby taking off their diaper is just as amazing as it is terrifying. If change-time is getting a little too playful, it could also be time to try our premium training pants.

How to choose the right diaper size:

Our premium diapers have a unique design and fit, so we recommend choosing a size based on your baby’s weight. Enter their weight into our Diaper Calculator for a recommended size and estimate of how many diapers they’ll use per day.

Tip: If you’re between sizes, we recommend sizing down.

Still have questions? Reach out to our friendly Customer Love team to get their expert advice on finding the right diaper size and preventing those sneaky leaks.

  • Diapers

  • Training Pants

1 6-11 lbs
2 9-18 lbs
3 13-24 lbs
20-34 lbs
28-40 lbs
35+ lbs

What are diaper training pants?

Diapers, Pants, overnights, hybrids… the diaper aisle has grown a lot over the years. Luckily, our diaper experts are here to guide you through the diapering world to find the best fit for your little ones. If your baby or toddler is nearing the age of potty training, you may want to consider trying diaper training pants instead of buying traditional diapers. What are diaper pants, and how are they different than regular diapers?

Diaper training pants are a great option for the little human always on-the-move or starting to potty train. Unlike traditional diapers, they’re made with a pull-up design, extra stretchy waistband and easy-tear sides. Available in sizes 3 – 6 (or 2T – 5T), make change-time easier with Rascal + Friends CoComelon training pants.

When should you transition from diapers to training pants?

While there aren’t any rules to when your little one should transition from diapers to training pants, there are some tell-tale signs to when your little one is ready to try their “big-kid” pants. Often, parents make the switch to diaper training pants around the time potty training starts. Sometimes though, your baby may be showing signs that they are ready for the switch before their potty adventures begin.

Signs your little human is ready to try training pants:

  They bring you their clean diaper or baby wipes to ask for a change.

  They can put on shorts or trousers by themselves most of the time without help.

  They prefer to “do it all by themself” or show frustration when you offer help.

  They are potty training already.

  They no longer want to lay down for diaper changes and fight against them.

How to make change-time easier with Rascal + Friends and CoComelon

We’ve teamed up with our friends at CoComelon to bring you a diaper that’s seriously good and seriously fun. Introducing our NEW LIMITED EDITION Rascal + Friends CoComelon training pants and diapers, featuring JJ & friends.

Made with:

  • Premium features
  • Up to 12 hour leak protection
  • Feather soft materials
  • No nasties
  • Limited edition CoComelon print

Your little human is going to love change-time with JJ & friends. Ready to join the fun?

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