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Why you should switch diaper brands this year

Why you should switch diaper brands this year

It’s 2023, are you still dealing with expensive diapers that leave your little one waking up wet and cranky?  Tired of doing extra loads of morning laundry when you should be enjoying a quiet minute before your baby wakes up? If this sounds like you, we recommend making the switch to Rascal + Friends.

In this article, you will learn:

  • Why you should switch diaper brands in the new year.
  • Why Rascal + Friends was named the most talked about disposable diaper by BabyList in 2022

Are you ready to make the switch? Here are 3 reasons why you should switch to Rascal + Friends premium diapers in 2023.

1. Save money in 2023 by switching to Rascal + Friends

If you’ve strolled through the baby aisle recently, you may have noticed that diaper prices has been increasing. What seems like a few dollars increase can start adding up when you get to the check-out. Our new year’s resolution this year is to save as much money as we can and that goes for diaper expenses too.

After testing hundreds of designs, we landed on what we believe is the best diaper in town. We make diapers made to move in, that are free from nasties, seriously soft, fit like a dream and don’t cost a butt-load.

Starting from $0.17 per diaper, you’ll be saving in 2023 one diaper at a time!

2. Leave the leaks in the past by switching to Rascal + Friends

One of the best joys of parenting is waking to morning cuddles with your baby. But as every parent knows, some mornings don’t always go as planned. If your little one is a heavy wetter, instead of enjoying a peaceful morning, some parents are met with leaky diapers and morning laundry. It’s a new year and time for a change, literally!

Parents everywhere are making the switch to Rascal + Friends. Made with unique 3D Core Technology for up to 12 hour leak protection, day + night, your morning laundry duties will be a thing of the past.

The design of our unique 3D Core increases the absorbency area of the diaper, creating more space for liquid to be absorbed. This unique design paired with the premium absorbency materials we use gives our diaper a high liquid absorbency capacity – at least 15x the weight of the weight of the diaper!

3. Don’t let blowouts stop you from making memories in 2023

Another year has passed and your little one is now on the move. Through growth spurts and eating habits, us parents are always changing our styles to keep-up with baby’s developmental needs. So why are we using the same diaper brand since they were a newborn?

As little ones become more active, they need a diaper that can keep up with their jumps and wriggles. That’s why Rascal + Friends makes diapers made to move in, made to power through the night without leaks in, that are free from nasties, wonderfully gentle, fit like a dream and don’t cost a butt-load!

What could be worse than a messy blowout to interrupt your little learner from their play time adventures? We’ve got you covered for life’s messiest moments with seriously good features to keep blowouts contained. Rascal + Friends premium diapers are made with a stretchy highback waist, unique deep pocket and 3 layers of protection to help keep your baby free from messy blowouts in the new year!

Why are Rascal + Friends the most talked about disposable diaper according to BabyList?

If you are a parent with a TikTok account, you’ve most likely come across a viral video demonstrating a diaper pour test with Rascal + Friends being named the obvious victor and videos of parents making the switch to the ‘new diaper everyone is talking about’.

With all the different diaper brands out there, why are parents on social media specifically raving about Rascal + Friends premium diapers?

  • Rascal + Friends diaper and training pants are super absorbent (even overnight!)
  • Kids are loving the CoComelon print, and parents are finally able to make change-time easier!
  • They are great quality, but are always at affordable prices

No more alligator wrestling to get your toddler to change into a clean diaper. Now they will be involved in choosing their favorite character and singing the potty song as you make memories during change-time in the new year.

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