We’ve teamed up with our friends at CoComelon to bring you nappy pants that are seriously good and seriously fun. Introducing our NEW Rascal + Friends CoComelon nappy pants, featuring JJ & friends.


Here at Rascal + Friends, we get it. We’re parents too. We know that you just need a nappy that works and helps make change-time easier. That’s why our premium nappy pants are made to move in, power through the night without leaks in, are feather soft and don’t cost a butt-load. Made with the innovative Rascal + Friends features you know and love, our limited edition CoComelon print will help you make change-time easier.


Premium Nappy Pants

Rascal + Friends nappy pants are designed for little humans on the move. Made with an extra stretchy waistband, up to 12 hour leak protection and easy on + off design.

Limited edition CoComelon available in sizes 3-6.

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Size Range

  • Nappy

  • Nappy Pants

1 3 - 5kg
2 4 - 8kg
3 6 - 11kg
4 10 - 15kg
5 13 - 18kg
6 16+kg

 Limited edition CoComelon print available in nappy pant sizes 3-6 bulk polybags.

What our parents are saying

"Best Training Pants Ever!"

"These are the best training pants out there! They are incredibly soft and so easy to put on."

- Claire, USA

"Great for Wriggly Toddlers"

"Love these nappy pants. Out of all the options for nappy pants I like that Rascal + Friends have no fragrance or nasty chemicals. They're so handy for toddlers who refuse to lay down and have their nappy changed and they're great as they can 'help' pull them up, as well as now that we've started toilet training are easy for them to pull down. I also love the handy sticker tab on the back that closes and seals the nappy nice and compact once you've changed them. They're really reasonably priced also - win for us."

- Jessica, UK

"LOVE this CoComelon print!"

"My toddler was SO excited to see these nappy pants at the supermarket. His favourite show is CoComelon, so these nappy pants has finally helped him be interested in potty training. Will definitely be repurchasing and hope they keep making these!"

- Jen, UK

"Took 5 Minutes off of Nappy Changing"

"These are super convenient! My son was a little wriggler whenever I tried to put his nappies on, so being able to just quickly put these on and let him run always helped take 5 minutes off of my nappy changing time."

- Amy, UK

"Made Potty Training Easier"

"We switched to these full time and they made potty training easier since my daughter could take them off so easily. Love this brand! No chemicals and affordable!"

- Ange, Canada

"Easy On + Off"

"They're easy to put on and remove, and my son's never had any reaction to them."

- Lauren, UK

"Zero Leakage!"

"The pant fits so gently around bubs' waist and ZERO leakage. Bravo Rascal + Friends! Onto a winner here."

- Nikki, Australia

"The best! Quality at a great price!"

"The elastic sides and tummy area provided a better fit especially with his movement."

- Danielle, USA

"So Amazing on Sensitive Skin"

"Just like the Rascal + Friends nappies, their nappy pants feel luxurious and luscious. They are the softest of any nappy pants I’ve used. The inside of them is just so amazing on sensitive skin, and the outside is equally as soft."

- Kerry, UK


Nina from CoComelon


CoComelon and Rascal + Friends Potty Training Chart


CoComelon and Rascal + Friends Potty Training Chart


CoComelon and Rascal + Friends Potty Training Chart





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No Nasties

It’s our simple way of saying that our products are made with none of the bad stuff – they don’t include any harsh chemicals, latex, lotions or fragrances.

Instead, we use feather soft materials, water-based inks and are dermatologically certified to be safe and ultra gentle on sensitive skin.

We’re serious, you won’t find any nasty ingredients hidden in our products!

No nasties, just love.

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We’re proudly sold in-store and online exclusively at New World, PAK’nSAVE and Four Square.

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